Magpie-Eye is a one woman band featuring myself as photographer, producer, planner, researcher and advisor to all you amazing brides and grooms out there with a vision for your wedding day. I specialise in alternative, destination weddings but I love shooting wherever your dream takes me and genuinely get excited hearing about your plans. With 7 years production and 20 years photography under my belt I have tons of great contacts and suggestions at the ready should you need/want them.

My style is a mix of candid storytelling and iconic portraits but the ratio of each depends entirely on you. As an ex music photographer and international photo shoot producer I am profecient in both and would love to hear more about your ideas.

Weddings are among the most exciting, dynamic and rewarding events to photograph. I love the ‘characters’, the details, the dress, the flowers and as a photographer I even love it when things don’t go exactly to plan! Laughter at weddings is inevitable but the laughter that comes from long standing friendships and relatives is something really special.

Many thanks for reading and please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.