Second Shooters

Over my years as a photographer I have predominantly worked alone, choosing to be as unobtrusive as possible and hover quietly in the background as much as possible in order to capture couples and their guests in the most natural poses possible. However there is always the occasional wedding that just has so much going on, or runs from sun up to sun down, or simply wishes to make sure every single angle is covered, that couples request a second photographer.

Both solo photography and working with a second shooter have their pro’s and con’s and it really is up to the individual as to which they think best suits there wedding and the type of photography coverage they want.

Rates are negotiated based on a variety of factors including clients needs, location of wedding, hours required etc but I am always happy to provide a free no obligation quote should you be interested in this additional coverage.

All photographs are still post-produced and edited solely by myself so in terms of style all images still appear as a full set whether you get 100 or 1000 shots!

For examples of shoots undertaken with a second shooter please click here.