Pay it Forward – Families Reunited Photos

As the UK enters it’s fifth week of lockdown many people are feeing the effects of being apart from their loved ones deeply. Family matters, and the enforced seperation is not something any of us ever considered likely or even possible in our times of need.

With this in mind I wanted to help people to look forward to a time that we can be together again, friends, families, grandparents, children and beyond. Family photography is such an enriching experience and what better way to celebrate these beutiful reunions than through photographs. Be it the first time you all come together again, a family pic-nic, a stoll in the park or any other event I would be honoured to document these magical times that we are all counting down the days to. To help make these moments feel a little more real and a little more attainable I am now very happy to offer gift vouchers for family reunions here.

Of course there are other members of our society risking more than most of us ever will, putting themselves on the front line day and night to keep society running in the face of this global pandemic. Key workers are often not only having their regular support network held back, but many are not even able to spend time with their own children due to the heightened risks of infection. So as a thank you to all our amazing Key Workers here in the UK I want to offer a ‘buy one get one free’ offer with a difference.

Below you will see two options, for every family reunion photo shoot booked, I will offer the same for free to a nominated key worker. You can purchase a shoot and nominate, you can just purchase or just nominate. Shoots will of course all happen once lockdown is lifted and as such a voucher will be received be both parties to be used by end 2021. Any questions please get in touch, thank you x.